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Could the collapsed beauty still be beautiful? The question from the phrase that 'destruction is the motif of creation' became my inspiration. When the beauty of the now-disappeared Japanese “Oiran” is reborn as modern, their dark parts are expressed as damaged fabrics, and the colorful and huge accessories and the aesthetics of exaggerated makeup became the prints of fabrics and silhouettes of the garments. "I'm not afraid to use various tones and ranges of colors and complex prints, " "It is also the work and duty of the designer to make the exaggerated silhouette to exist in reality.

7. final line-up (2).jpeg
7. final line-up (1).jpeg
8. Flat (1).jpeg
8. Flat (2).jpeg
8. Flat (3).jpeg
8. Flat (4).jpeg
8. Flat (5).jpeg
8. Flat (6).jpeg
8. Flat (7).jpeg
8. Flat (8).jpeg
9. 3D Samples - 1.jpg
9. 3D Samples - 2.jpg
9. 3D Samples - 3.jpg
9. 3D Samples - 4.jpg
9. 3D Samples - 5.jpg
9. 3D Samples - 6.jpg
9. 3D Samples - 7.jpg
9. 3D Samples - 8.jpg
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